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Pre-order terrain sculptures

Sea-to-sky panels and Whistler Table are available to order now. 
The pricing below is available for a limited time.

Questions?   See the FAQ below  or  contact me.
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Frequently Asked Questions               top

Q: How are the Whistler table and sea-to-sky panels made?
A: I use traditional woodworking, carpentry and finishing. The design starts in a novel way with satellite data and CAD tools.  

Q: What materials are used?
A: The Whistler table is made of western red cedar and glass.
    The sea-to-sky panels are made of cedar, fir, birch and polymer.

Q: Is it a limited run?
A: Yes. A limited number of pieces will be made.

Q: Where can I see the sculptures?
A: Please sign up here
 to be notified of the next showing or event.
    The Whistler Table can be seen in the reception of Steadyhand Investments, 1747 West 3rd Ave, Vancouver.
    Visit MakerLabs during the Eastside Culture Crawl Nov. 16-19 to see the Sea-to-sky panels and other works.
    MakerLabs is at 780 E. Cordova St., Vancouver.  

Q: When will I receive my pieces?
A: The estimated delivery for an order placed today is:  
October 14. You will receive periodic updates after placing your order.
    You may choose to pay half when you order and half when the pieces are ready for delivery.

Q: Will the prices go up? 
A: Yes. These prices are $CDN and apply during the limited launch.

1 panel $3600 
2 panels  $6200      save $1000
Whistler table $5600 
Table and 2 panels $10,800   save $2000
Q: Are shipping and taxes included? 
A: Yes. Taxes and ground shipping anywhere in Canada or the U.S. are included. For other countries or shipping modes please contact me or use the comment section of the order form. 

Q: What are the payment options?
A: There are 2 ways to pay: 
    - by mailing a cheque; 
    - by interac email transfer from your online banking. The details are on the order form. 
    You may choose to pay half the amount when you order and half when the pieces are ready for delivery.

Q: How do I install the panels?
A: The panels come with rails that are secured to the wall. The panels are easy to mount on the rails.  

Q: What are the dimensions?
A: The panels are each 23.5" x 36" / 59.7cm x 91.4cm.
    The table height is 17.5" / 45.7cm ; 34" wide and 34" long / 86.4cm. The maximum height - Blackcomb peak/Spearhead/Phalanx area - is 23".


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